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Membership Fees

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The annual membership fees schemas are as follows for institutional and individual members: 

1. Institutional members

Non-profit making organisation 750 €
European small-sized companies (< 50 employees) 1000 €
European profit making organisations (>= 50 employees) 1500 €
Non-European profit making organisations 1500 €

Please note that each institutional member can cumulate up to 30% discount on the membership fees by renewing membership for 3 consecutive years or more. For more details, see the Rewarding Faithful Members page.

2. Individual members

Individual membership is acquired by paying the membership fees for a two-year period. The term of individual membership is always two full calendar years: it starts at January 1st and ends at December 31st, regardless the time of subscription.

The first term (2018-2020) is offered to all LREC 2018 participants who can become ELRA Individual Members. The LREC 2018 registration package includes the ELRA for individual members and the fees remain the same.

Individual Member (standard) 50 €
Individual Member (student) 25 €


Please contact Valérie Mapelli if you have any suggestion and/or comments or if you need any further details.

This way, you can help ensure that ELRA reflects the true needs of both companies and organisations working in the LT/HLT domain and using the HLT technologies and systems.