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The European Center of Excellence in Speech Synthesis (ECESS) is a European initiative to foster the European research area (ERA) in the field of text-to-speech synthesis (TTS).

The main goals of ECESS are to achieve the critical mass needed to push substantially the progress in speech synthesis technology, to integrate basic research know how related to speech synthesis, and to attract public and private funding. Special attention is given to the multilingual aspects of speech synthesis.

ECESS has developed an online evaluation plateform, the Remote Evaluation System (RES), in order to conduct TTS evaluation campaigns. ELDA is responsible for setting up the ECESS evaluations using the RES plateform.

Event organized by ELDA :

ECESS Meeting in Paris, on January 24-25 2008.

All information on ECESS activities can be found on the following site :


Khalid Choukri