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ELDA: the OpenSLR European mirror

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Press Release - Immediate - Paris, France, January, 24th 2022

ELDA: the OpenSLR European mirror

In November 2021, ELDA opened the European mirror of the Open Speech and Language Resources (OpenSLR) repository which hosts speech and language resources, such as training corpora for speech recognition, and software related to speech recognition.

As of today, this repository comprises 113 resources representing almost 2 terabytes of data and covering a large number of languages, including low-resourced languages.

All resources are easily downloadable from OpenSLR. Licenses however may differ from one resource to another and should be checked carefully prior to use. The legal team at ELDA is available to assist users through the Helpdesk.

Resources can also be uploaded onto OpenSLR. Details are provided in the Contribute section.

OpenSLR is an initiative from the Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing.


*** About ELDA ***

The Evaluation and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA) is the operational body of ELRA, a non-profit making organisation whose mission is to provide a clearing house for language resources and promote Human Language Technologies (HLT).

ELDA identifies, collects, markets, and distributes language resources, along with the dissemination of general information in the field of HLT. ELDA also participates in some evaluation projects and campaigns, has considerable knowledge and skills in HLT applications and has participated in many French, European and international projects.

To find out more about ELDA, please visit our web site:

*** About John Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing (JHUCLSP) ***

The Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing (JHUCLSP) is an interdisciplinary research and educational center focused on the science and technology of language and speech.
To find out more about JHUCLSP, please visit the web site: